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To pay creditors, the trustee can:. AFSA has information about your obligations while bankrupt. You may still have to pay some debts during and after bankruptcy.

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At the end of your bankruptcy you will be released from most of your debts, but there are some debts you'll still have to pay. AFSA has a debt comparison table that sets out what debts you will have to pay if you go bankrupt. If you become bankrupt while you have a family law case for property settlement, the family courts can deal with your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be dealt with at the same time as property or spousal maintenance.

The cross-over of family law and bankruptcy law is complicated.

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  • Get legal advice. Bankruptcy usually lasts for 3 years and 1 day.

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    This period can be extended to up to 8 years in some situations. You should get legal advice. Our Consumer Protection Unit may give specialist legal advice and help with disputes with credit providers and insurers. Cairns Community Legal Centre - Consumer Law Service gives legal help in the areas of consumer credit matters, consumer product disputes, consumer service disputes, consumer debt matters, bankruptcy and other consumer law matters for socially and financially disadvantaged members of the community.

    Well, in the impossible happened: the Dutch government defaulted. And the effects were devastating. That, of course, is just one example. History is full of events that people thought were impossible. And yet they happened.

    Looking back, they always seem so obvious. Today is no different; we have our own experts who peddle ridiculous and dangerous fantasies. Case in point: this week, yet another debt ceiling debacle will unfold in the Land of the Free.

    Can The U.S. Government Go Bankrupt?

    Then it happened again in , at which point the government actually DID shut down. Or even Obama. Or any other individual.

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    How to increase your freedom and prosperity. Thirteen years ago my life changed forever. Debt is the barbarous relic. Not gold. The biggest gold heist of all time. This virtually guarantees that your taxes are going through the roof. Are you free?

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