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Baldwin was a brilliant prose writer, poet, and activist who lived between two great black literary movements: the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement. Her first book of poems, The First Cities , appeared in Her influence on black feminist and queer communities runs deep. Today, Audre Lorde quotes still fill t-shirts and signs at protests. Nikki Giovanni is a prominent figure of the Black Arts Movement. The poets of the Black Arts Movement were often very politically and rhetorically centered in their work.

Giovanni now teaches at UVA and has been awarded over twenty honorary degrees from universities around the country, along with numerous literary awards. She is one of the most celebrated living poets in the United States. Hemphill was one of many people who died too soon in the midst of the AIDS crisis and at the peak of his career. It began as an intergenerational reading series that hosted and cultivated the work of black poets of various aesthetic movements. Many people affiliated with the Dark Room Collective have become leaders of the poetry landscape.

An Evening of Native American Women Writers - Joy Harjo

Phillips himself has authored 13 books of poetry and teaches at Washington University is Saint Louis. Along with Ronaldo V. Wilson and Duriel E.

From Catullus to Dylan Thomas: the top 10 elegies

The group embraces hybrid forms, incorporating video and critical theory about race, gender, and sexuality into their poems. They are necessary, and hot on the eye.

Juliana Huxtable is a DJ, poet, artist, and performer. Unafraid to throw out all the rules in the guidebook, Juliana will be one of the writers leading us into the future of queer and trans literature.

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Smith is also one of the founders of the Dark Noise Collective, which was named after, and influenced by, the poets of the Dark Room Collective. The Dark Noise Collective is a multi-racial and multi-genre group of artists who believe in art as a site of radical truth telling. Smith and other members of the collective have a history rooted in the Spoken Word community. Fellow members such as Fatimah Asghar have successfully ventured into mediums like screenplay writing, while Jamila Woods has gained traction as a musician.

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Explore poetry from the inside out

You proselytize for poetry as a professor at Harvard and through Poetry in America , a multi-platform program that includes online courses and an intensely-entertaining television series. People are so phobic about poetry and so easy to convert. Plus, the process of opening poetry up is really fun. The series endeavors to enhance the experience of poetry using tools that are unique to TV. When I taught Langston Hughes to students, to relay how he was influenced by jazz and blues, I brought a clumsy cassette player to class.

Television allows us to portray the world of a poem in a multimedia way, mixing in images and music. And when a poem holds itself aloof from the world, television allows us to empty our screens and give words new vibrancy. The toolkit of television gives viewers an intellectual and emotional immersion in poetry that is quite magical. This is a great question, because there are all sorts of border cases.

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The American Song-Poem Anthology

Is poetry just the stuff published in books and written in lines rather than in paragraphs? If the words are set to music or performed on a stage by a hip-hop artist, can it still be called poetry? The Cambridge History of American Poetry is your first title. Tell us about it. This forbidding-looking tome weighs about five pounds; it makes quite a doorstop. As a person who teaches survey courses, I know students love surveys.

We love sampling. When you asked me to make this list, I was thinking about a reader with an appetite for learning more about poetry. Such a reader might enjoy a smorgasbord of fascinating stuff about American poetry—like this book. In its pages, one finds many of the best critics of the last thirty years, absolute authorities, in fine form, distilling their classic takes. This book also includes emerging scholars and scholar-poets. The sheer variety of topics is stunning. While the writers are mostly from the academy, they put away the apparatus of scholarly argument and write really brilliantly.

I think what Merwin means is that American poetic traditions have evolved from identifiable progenitors. A capacious, democratic, culturally-enmeshed, and politically-alert tradition grows from the root of Whitman. An environmental tradition that comes to us from Frost, Emerson, and Mary Oliver.

Many poets from groups who struggle for equity trace the roots of their work to s Harlem. The Emily Dickinson Archive is a feat of scholarly effort and a cutting-edge digital project. Dickinson never willingly published anything. Fewer than a dozen of her poems saw print in her lifetime.

The Best American Poetry | Five Books Expert Recommendations

She wrote nearly 1, poems, often working on many poems at one time, like a painter working on a bunch of canvases or a gardener tending flowers. You can read each poem in her distinctive handwriting, with distinctive punctuation. We no longer live in a world with much handwriting. But penmanship is a form of self-presentation that writers once thought about while crafting their work. So this archive allows you to experience her work more fully than would an ordinary anthology.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only way I know it. Is there any other way? Poems can be electrifying; you feel a great poem in your body. I chose two books that deliver a reader into a style and worldview that is completely its own.

Great Poems by American Women: An Anthology

Great poets create not just a set of discrete poems that say something about the world in which we abide, but a way of looking at the world encoded in their style. He wrote them during his lunch breaks. What is lunch break? You follow him around New York City and watch his imagination hunger after and take satisfaction in things. He was also a critic of mid-century art and a curator at the Museum of Modern Art.

Poetry and other arts have been essential to each other at times in their development, including during the moment of Modernism. Modernists were reimaging the form of art, with Cubism, mobiles, and fresh poetic forms. I love poets in whom one sees openness towards other arts. As I said earlier, Langston Hughes loved emerging jazz music. Walt Whitman loved the opera. Emily Dickinson played the piano.

The work of Elizabeth Bishop is its own world, that has its own mesmerizing power. She has become, for many American poets, the 20th-century progenitor.