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White will set up on the bottom of the board, Black sets up on the top. Chess notation also uses abbreviations for each soldier in the army, using capitalized letters. The abbreviations are fairly straightforward to remember.

Learning Chess Workbook Step 1 Mix: The Step-by-Step Method

There are two exceptions. Pawn moves are indicated using only the square name. Fortunately for English-speakers, the same capital letters for chess pieces are used all over the world, allowing us to easily understand foreign games without needing to refer to a translation dictionary. Chess notation combines the chess piece moved with the new square it has moved to on the chess board.

You get the idea.

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Moves are usually written in pairs, showing both the White and the Black move — for instance, 1. The notation for castling depends on which side of the board the king castled towards. Occasionally, the situation arises where more than one of the same kind of piece could move to the target square. For example, if you have rooks on both a8 and c8, then either of them could move to b8.


Therefore, you need to note which piece was actually moved, so readers looking back in the future are not confused. This is done by adding a starting identifier in between the piece and the square.

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The scoresheet is the place where each player must document his game. Furthermore, each player has to write down the names of both players, the name of the event with the number of the round, the date, result and, most importantly, all the moves that are made throughout the whole game. Additional information that you notate on your scoresheet could be the time left on the clock if you are a player who often gets into time trouble.

From Beginner to Chess Expert in 12 Steps

Other notes could be concerning special claims during the game, very important — offers of a draw or other relevant data. Moreover, the scoresheet must be visible to the arbiter throughout the whole game. If a player is not able to keep score, they must provide an assistant, accepted by the arbiter, to undertake the chess notation. When nobody has notated the moves, the players must reconstruct the game on a second board.

The Chess Board

Another important rule is that you are not allowed to notate your move before you actually move the piece on the board. The reason for that is that your trainer could give you signs if that move is good or not which would be cheating. At the end of a game, each player has to write down the result and sign both scoresheets to confirm his agreement.

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Chess analysts may add exclamation marks and question marks to their reviews. All these chess notation rules may look complicated at first glance and seem like a lot to take in, but after a little practice, how chess notation works will become natural, just like a musician reading sheet music. Even if you are only playing friendly games, get into the habit of identifying chess pieces and squares now.

And by getting into practice now, you will be able to write down chess notation like a pro when you are ready to start playing at a club.

Top 10 Chess Books That Every Teacher Must Read

A good idea, in the beginning, is to get some good chess equipment like an interesting chess DVD series for beginners to start your career! Just visit our shop on ichess. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chess notation combines the chess piece moved with the new square it has moved to, on the chess board.

Chess notation uses abbreviations for each piece, using capitalized letters. Why Use Chess Notation at all? With 45 highly interactive lessons this is your personal tutor and private chess teacher. The lessons start at the very beginning, explaining the board set-up and the rules for moving the pieces. As you learn and work your way through the exercises, it will grade your results, and give you hints and tips if requested. Step 2: 1 Activity and vulnerability; 2 Double attack with the queen; 3 The pin; 4 Eliminating the defender; 5 The golden rules; 6 Mate in two moves; 7 The target: a square; 8 Double attack: knight; 9 Mating with a rook; 10 Double attack: knight, rook, bishop, pawn; 11 Discovered attack; 12 Defending against mate; 13 Short notation.

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