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Oxford University Press, ; various languages This book grapples with the meaning of mathematics. It begins by tracing the origins of counting in ancient cultures and follows the development of mathematics to increasingly abstract levels. Laterza, Rome, ; various languages A series of lectures delivered at the University of Milan to a general student audience about the nature of mathematics.

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The Origin of the Universe. Orion, London; Basic Books, New York, ; 26 languages A short, simple description of what we think about the origin of the universe.

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The first volume in the Science Masters series that was subsequently published in many languages and as an audio book. The Artful Universe. Oxford University Press, ; various languages This book looks at the links between our aesthetics senses and the nature of the universe round us.

The Unification of Physics: The Quest for a Theory of Everything

We have emerged out of the physical world and we reflect many of its features. It was recently republished as an enlarged new edition under the title The Artful Universe Expanded.

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Impossibility: the limits of science and the science of limits. Oxford University Press, ; various languages A novel discussion of the limits of science, mathematics and human thinking. This book shows that the limits of scientific explanation are as revealing as its successes.

The most mature theories that we possess seem always to be self-limiting. They predict that at some level they cannot predict.

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Between Inner Space and Outer Space. The Universe that Discovered Itself. The Book of Nothing. Jonathan Cape, London, ; Pantheon, New York, ; various languages A study of all aspects of the vacuum, the void, zero, and nothing.

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This book argues that the response to these concepts was pivotal in the history of mathematics, physics, philosophy, theology and literature. It discusses the nature of the vacuum in modern physics, the multiple vacua of string theory and inflationary cosmology, the theological background to the idea of creation out of nothing, and the derivation of all numbers from the empty set in mathematics.

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Editizione Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Milan in Italian, Background description of the content of the scenes in the award-winning play Infinities performed in Milan and Valencia. Jonathan Cape, London, ; Pantheon, New York; ; various languages This book discusses the origins and meanings of the numbers that define the nature of the universe that we have come to call the constants of Nature.

New Theories of Everything

If such a theory were discovered it would reveal the complete form of the most basic Laws of Nature, from which all others follow as particular simple cases. This book lays out and examines the different ingredients that are required to claim a full understanding of the physical universe that we observe, and shows how their status is being dramatically changed in modern physics and what aspects of them can or cannot be explained by a "Theory of Everything".

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Modern physicists believe they have stumbled upon a key which unlocks the mathematical secret at the heart of the Universe: a discovery that points towards a "Theory of Everything" - a single all-embracing pricture of the Laws of Nature from which the inevitability of all things seen must follow with unimpeachable logic.

Is this confidence well-founded? Will our scientific theories one day tell us everything that was, is, and is to come about the Universe?