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There might be still the casing issue. Here we go! What could be the cause? Previously we set the UseXmlSerializer property value to true for nothing. The example payload defines ValueRequestModel as a root node. However, the actual payload uses request as declared in the XmlRoot decorator.

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Where should I change it? I now get the following:. The Project loaded but with reference lib errors.

Reading XML Data in ADO .NET and ASP .NET Application

Fixed the reference lib errors individually, by removing and replacing in NuGet to get the project working! DavidG's answer is correct, but I would like to add that if you're building from the command line, the equivalent solution is to make sure that you're using the appropriate version of msbuild in this particular case, it needs to be version Download the latest MSBuild tool from here.

If getting this error trying to build. Net Core 2.

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